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Welcome TO Chyna's Page


Meowsies, it's me Chy! Welcome to my purrrsonal page. I will give mew all my latest mews and anything else that considers me:) I have a wink-wink and his name is Ming. I wuv mew Mingy!

About Me

February of 2000 meowmie bought me and named me Chyna! I came in a strange box-shaped thing where there were lots of ofur kitties. Three of them looked exactly alike! They were hissing, while one, a really fluffy one was just staring at me as if to say "Hello, everything is going to be ok, mew're safe now." and then I became calm. Later on that furriendly kitty treated me like her own kitten, while the others were still hissing. They all got used to me eventually. My full name is Chyna Li Kat. My favorite color as mew guessed, was this colour of pink!


Song is "The Boy Is Mine" my favorite song

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