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Welcome to the Meezer Kats' Den. Our names are Ping, Ling, Lily, Chyna and Milo. Below, mew will learn more about us all!

Meows, I'm Ping. I am a Seal Point Siamese single male kity.
Mews I am Ling. I'ma Seal Point Siamese kitty too, in fact I am Ping's Real brofur! I have a wink-wink named Anastasia, and she runs the club called Ailurophilia!

Meowsies! I am Chyna, but my furiends call me Chy. I am a Siamese/Lynx kitty mix. My meowmie named me Chyna because I am a furry strong little kitten. Guess what? I have a wink-wink! His name is Ming!! TO SEE THE PAGE I MADE FOR HIM CLICK HERE.


I am Lily but mew can call me Lil. I am named Lily because meowmie says I am as Luffurrly as a Lily. I am also known as Lady Lily and Lilian by my furriends...I have a wink-wink named Sami!!TO SEE THE PAGE I MADE FOR HIM CLICK HERE

I'm Milo. I am a Seal Point Siamese too, except I am not single, I have a wink-wink named Skye!!! I don't know why I'm called Milo, I guess it fis me just right according to meowmie!!! I guess she named me after the show Milo and Otis, well that is my favorite movie.

Meow... I am Tigger. I know I am not a Meezer, but I am part of the family now. My meowmie was moving so she searched around the neighborhood fur a good home and found my new meowmie. SInce I am an inside cat, it was easy fur me to do. I am an Orange and White Manx!

Well, now that mew have got to meet us and learn about us, lets continue on!

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